Week 11 - everything coming together

This has also been a pretty big week for the project, and while it's been a lot of work I'm starting to really like the direction it's going in. In terms of things I've done this week, I went back and modified the way the swarmer enemy's attack works so that it pauses for a moment to "windup" before making the actual attack. This was important because the way it previously worked was much too hard for players. I also fixed an issue where sometimes it would attack in the wrong direction, and one where enemies would keep moving during a cutscene where they were supposed to be paused.

In addition to this, I modified the way the isometric viewpoint was set up so that the camera was rotated 45 degrees rather than the whole world, which should make it easier for designers to set up scenes, and I did some refactoring to the camera controller code. I spoke to Dylan about the trigger system and while there was some progress on that, it still isn't quite ready for the kind of puzzles he wants to implement.

Post-processing effects

Dylan added a bunch of camera effects including vignetting and a fisheye effect for when the player gets a negative condition, which really add to the atmosphere of the game (see the screenshot below)

One piece of feedback we got from last week's desk crit was that the negative conditions don't really have the effect we wanted of making the player feel bad for letting the character get hurt, so this effect of increasing their intensity helps achieve this.

More environmental art

The art team did a great job this week of producing more content for the game. We now have several new ground textures, walls made of beeswax, and some props including giant flower lamps.

I'm really excited with this because it feels like the art is at a level where it helps to tell the story of the game, and it's actually starting to look good which is awesome.


Harrison decided to spend most of this week focussing on putting sounds into the game rather than just programming which has been his focus over the past few weeks. We decided we won't have time to record our own sounds for the prototype so he has been mostly just finding free sounds and picking good ones to add, but having a certain level of sound in the game has really added to the feel of playing it, which is good.

Desk crit feedback

Overall the feedback this week was fairly positive which was great. We decided we have to model the enemy since the fact that it's still just a yellow striped capsule really stands out from the rest of the game now, and in addition to that we'll be adding more environmental art assets for things like the gates. In terms of programming, I'll be moving forward with the puzzles and trigger system, as well as other minor things that need to be fixed up. We also decided we need a system for making the walls turn transparent when they occlude the player, so I will be taking a look into implementing that.