Week 10

To start off, this week has been pretty intense. I checked the git commit log at the end of the week and over 50% of the total commits for the project had been made since last Friday, which I think shows that we're making progress.

Strong attack

The main thing I tackled this week (in addition to code reviews and helping out with the other features) was the secondary strong attack ability for the player. This differs from the dash attack in that, rather than dashing forwards and damaging enemies you hit, the player moves forwards a short distance and attacks enemies in a 35 degree radius, within a certain distance. This is slower but allows players to wipe out large swarms of enemies when they start to clump together, as well as adding a bit more variety to the combat.

The player is also stunned for a moment after using a strong attack if they do not hit any enemies, which should make them try to use them a bit more carefully.

Conditions and orb of honey

Harrison (with some help from me later in the week) worked on adding negative conditions to the game. We plan to have several but so far two are implemented:

  • Broken Leg affects the player's ability to use dodges, making them stagger upon use
  • Exhaustion affects the dash attack, making it not go as far which impedes the player's ability to fight the enemies.

A maximum of two conditions can be in effect at a time, and if the player is hit again after they accumulate two conditions they will die and reset to their spawn position. In this screenshot we can see the HUD displaying that the player currently has the broken leg condition. An orb of honey is also visible sitting in the area near the top of the screen.

Camera shake

Dylan made some tweaks to the camera so that it freezes for a moment and shakes when the player defeats an enemy. It's only a very small effect but does make the combat feel much more satisfying, so I'm really glad we have it in now.

New art

The long meeting at the end of last week seems to have paid off since the artists are now producing content that looks good in the game. David Upcher fixed an issue we had last week with the textures looping too visibly, and while we're still quite behind where other teams are, we're making good progress. The player character now has animations for everything except getting hit and the strong attack, which is also good.

Level design

Dylan has designed a simple level that is made to actually fit in with a part of the story of the game. It's nowhere near as big as what we'll have in the final game, but it does include two combat encounters: one simpler "tutorial" one and another larger one, plus while we don't quite have the functionality for it yet it includes some areas that we'll make into puzzles.

We've also created a system of triggers and gates, where hitting a trigger (the red objects in the screenshot above) will open a gate somewhere else in the level. This is a very simple system but will be expanded to support simple puzzles in the future.

Desk crit feedback

Overall Laz and Alex were impressed with how far we've come this week, but it's clear we still have a lot to do to finish catching up. More environmental art is definitely needed, and from the programming side there are still a lot of issues and incomplete features that make playing the game difficult that we will need to fix, as well as the trigger system needing to be expanded to support our puzzle features.