Final end of semester reflection

This semester has been pretty intense but not that we're at the end of it all, I'm confident that all the hard work did pay off. We've ended up with an interesting concept for a game that I'd be very happy to show off as an example of my work, and I think I'd like to play if it wasn't my game anyway. It wasn't all smooth sailing but I think we actually learnt a lot from earlier in the semester when things were going downhill and we were falling behind and it's helped us work out good processes for working together now, which will be essential going into INB380 next semester.

Overall our pitch went really well, although the one issue that Laz raised that stuck out to me was whether we'll be able to achieve our goal of subverting the player's expectations by having a light, happy theme with a dark twist. I think this is a question that none of us are really in a position to answer definitively, but honestly as long as we can make the gameplay fun and engaging I think that the game should be able to stand up on its own merit based on that anyway. The issue with that is that even if we make it really good, there are many other good hack 'n' slash titles out there so we are still really banking on the bee theme helping our one stand out as unique. At the end of the day though, Beewolf was our most achievable, least "never-done-beforeā„¢" concept out of all the ones we came up with and the three we pitched, so I certainly don't regret choosing to go with it.

Going into the holidays, there's a lot of work to do fixing bugs that we were just working around for our presentation video so working through our backlog of known issues will be good to do. That said, I also want to take the opportunity of not needing to get so much done for the design and art teams to look into writing Unity editor extensions and shaders. With the former, I still think it would be very worthwhile having an easy way of building hex tile based levels in the Unity editor although building such a system would be a fairly large task and will require working fairly closely with Dylan and David Upcher to make sure it fits their needs from the perspective of a designer using it and an artist making content to be used in this way.

In terms of shaders, I'm still not happy with the way the shading looks, in particular the outline shading, so since I did INB382 this semester and have some experience writing shaders I want to put my skills to use on our project, since I think it could potentially really give us a leg up in terms of having a good looking, unique visual style.